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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TV Magis and how does it work?

TV Magis is a paid tv entertainment service. This service has a catalog of more than 900 live channels in Spanish and English, as well as international television channels. The service also contains an extensive View On-Demand (VOD) library of movies and series through the Magis TV application.

Can I use an iPhone to watch Magis?

The Magis TV application is exclusive for devices with an Android operating system. However, you can watch the live channels through the IPTV application that is downloaded from the App Store, and using the list link M3U URL. This link is only given once you sign up for the service, and it's not available during free trial. Using the M3U URL counts as 1 of the 3 screens allowed in each account and only includes live channels, it does NOT include VOD content, nor does it include the category of adult channels (+18). We do not guartee that this streaming method will work nor provide troubleshooting for third party apps.

What is the M3U URL?

The M3U URL is a link that can be used to access live content. This link is provided once you sign up for the service, and it is tipically used by iOS users or devices that do not support the Magis TV App. It should be noted that each account includes the use of only one (1) m3u list for one (1) device, the other devices must use the official application that is exclusively for Android devices. Remember that the M3U URL counts as one of the 3 screens allowed in each account and only includes live channels, it does NOT include VOD content, nor does it include the category of adult channels (+18).

Can I change my Username and Password?

It is only possible to change the Password through the Magis TV App or by requesting the change from us via email or chat. The Username can NOT be changed or customized. The Username has 14 characters randomly selected by the system according to security standards that we maintain.

Is TV Magis authorized? is an external and authorized distributor of digital services of entertainment material that is fully supplied by MAGIS TV, who comply with all legal regulations according to the country of origin from which they distribute the service. does not store or upload on its site or server, any video file, movie, multimedia file of any kind or any other material protected by copyright. MAGIS TV and do not own or sell satellite TV decoders of any kind. complies only as a service provider. agrees to 17 USC § 512 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”). It is our policy to REFER any infringement notices to MAGIS TV for them to take appropriate action under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) and other applicable intellectual property laws. is not part of MAGIS TV.

What is the 18+ content password?

By default, the password is 1234. This can be changed in the Magis TV App, or by requesting a change via email, message or chat.

Content buffering or stopped playing?

To solve this issue first try changin the channel. If the issue persists, you only have to clear the cache of your device, Go to Settings > Clear Cache > Close and restart the App. We also recommend that you disconnect the device from electricity for 10 min, and reconnect.

You have more questions?

We have answers! Chat with us or write us on WhatsApp or Email and we will answer your questions.
Responses are typically sent the within the same day.
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