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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TV Magis and how does it work?

Magis TV is a paid live TV entertainment service with more than 900 channels and thousands of movies and shows on demand. All you need is a connection to the internet and you can enjoy on up to 3 devices at the same time, without limitations. We have different plans that start at $9/mo or less! All plans include all channels and content. Go to our website to choose your plan and subscribe

Can I get a Free Trial?

Absolutely! You can request your Free Trial directly from our website After requesting your free trial you will receive an email with your credentials. If you don't see the email please check your spam folder.

How can I change the language?

The language of the app and channels cannot be changed. However the VOD contains movies and shows that the language can be changed or add subtitles. Most of the content in the Magis App is in Spanish.

Can I change my Username and Password?

It is only possible to change the Password through the Magis TV App or by requesting the change from us via email or chat. The Username can NOT be changed or customized. The Username has 14 characters randomly selected by the system according to security standards that we maintain.

How can I download the Magis app?

The Magis app is exclusively for Android operating systems. To enjoy entertainment to the fullest, we recommend using a compatible device such as an Android phone or on your TV an Amazon Fire Stick, Onn Stick, or Google Chromecast with Android TV, or even your smart TV with Android TV among others. To download the application follow the steps on our website

Can I download the Magis app on a smart TV?

Depending on the model of your smart TV you will be able to download the Magis app. The app is not compatible with all smart TVs. The easiest way to find out if your TV is compatible is to try downloading the “Downloader” application. If you can download this app then you can download the Magis app. Visit our page and follow the Android TV steps to download the app

Content buffering or stopped playing?

If you are experiencing difficulties with the channels, we recommend following these steps: 1. Go to Settings 2. Select Clear Cache 3. Select Update Try again to watch the channels 4. If you still experience problems, please unplug your device from power for 5 minutes and plug it back in. — 5. Finally, if none of the previous steps work, we recommend you uninstall the application and reinstall it following the download steps Most problems are resolved in steps 1-3.

Can I cancel anytime?

When you subscribe to Magis through our page, your subscription is automatically renewed. You can cancel your subscription at any time. No contracts. No cancellation fees. You can manage your subscription from the link that we sent you in your welcome email or from the button at the end of the page. If you decide to cancel, your subscription will continue until the end of the payment period. We do not offer partial refunds. This allows us to offer the lowest prices in the market and discount plans. To view our full policy visit

How can I renew my subscription? 

Your subscription will renew automatically (with the exception of the Ultra Plan). If you see a message on your TV that you only have a certain amount of days left, this is a courtesy message to get you ready for your payment. Your account will automatically renew as long as you don't cancel it.

Is TV Magis authorized? is an external and authorized distributor of digital services of entertainment material that is fully supplied by MAGIS TV, who comply with all legal regulations according to the country of origin from which they distribute the service. does not store or upload on its site or server, any video file, movie, multimedia file of any kind or any other material protected by copyright. MAGIS TV and do not own or sell satellite TV decoders of any kind. complies only as a service provider. agrees to 17 USC § 512 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”). It is our policy to REFER any infringement notices to MAGIS TV for them to take appropriate action under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) and other applicable intellectual property laws. is not part of MAGIS TV.

What is the 18+ content password?

By default, the password is 1234. This can be changed in the Magis TV App, or by requesting a change via email, message or chat.

Can I use an iPhone to watch Magis?

No, the Magis TV application is exclusive for devices with an Android operating system.

You have more questions?

We have answers! Chat with us or write us on WhatsApp or Email and we will answer your questions.
Responses are typically sent the within the same day.
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